I was born in Burbank and raised, and have lived, just outside of it for all my life.  I’ve been married for over a decade and a half to a man, as it turns out, whom is an ideal life partner and fantastic best friend.  I really don’t think I could ever have found someone better suited for me than him.  Our three children no longer demand so much of my attention now that they’re getting older.  Something I noticed when it dawned on me one fine day that I spend way too much time watching home improvement shows and drinking too much coffee.  Mama wants a career! So I’ve gone back to school to become a registered nurse (BE AFRAID) and am currently working my way through prerequisite hell…sure the nursing program is only two years…it’s the math, history, biology, et all that is going to take THE REST OF MY LIFE.

I enjoy sweating the small stuff and often don’t appear to appreciate that my life is pretty damn sweet.  I do.  I just don’t appear too. I tend to dwell on things that don’t matter at all like the tile on the bathroom floor still isn’t finished by this much, and that it takes the strength of ten men to open and close the sliding glass door.  Friends and family should also seek professional intervention for my severe road rage.  I only wear designer jeans because once you go there you just don’t go back; however, I will pair them with a Costco shirt and shoes from Target. I’m a Libra…I’m all about balance.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Priceless. Love it that you’re a fellow Californian. Looking forward to exploring your blog.

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