One week ago today I returned home from my study group to a ringing home phone with the school nurse on the other end. I brace myself for the possible, “your son is running a fever,” or, “your daughter has pink eye” that these calls usually bring. Or that perhaps they have head lice and I’m going to have to shave my child’s head in the parking lot of the school before they even enter my car. But this day was special. “Your daughter fell and hurt her ankle. You should probably come and get her to have it looked at.” I hang up thinking my daughter is probably milking, for all it’s worth, a non-injury and I’m silently wishing she would man up.

I arrive at the school to find her teacher and the principal standing outside the nurse’s office. Well this can’t be good.

“She fell off the monkey bars at morning recess,” Mrs. Teacher informs. “Her classmate told me that your daughter hurt herself and I asked her if she was okay and she told me she was fine,” she continued. “And she genuinely seemed like there was no problem so I didn’t investigate further” she says (and I paraphrase).

“Then when it was time to go to lunch. She limped. I looked. I gasped. We went to the nurse.” (again, I paraphrase)

When I entered the nurse’s office I think I wore my best poker face when confronted with the substantial swelling on the outer part of her left ankle that left her foot cocked inward at a very unnatural angle. Fifteen minutes later we’re in the emergency room and an hour after that she’s leaving on crutches and a “wet” splint on her broken ankle. Three days later she’s in a permanent cast for the next four weeks.

She never cried. Not once. In fact, she was on some sort of adrenaline rush that left her super chatty. She’s a tough cookie, that one…says the woman who cried when she stubbed her toe really REALLY hard that one time.

One could argue that the monkey bars at school are dangerous. But hell, life is dangerous. I have a girlfriend who broke her foot getting out of bed in the morning. I have another who misjudged the last step on her flight of stairs and broke her ankle. I almost killed myself getting out of a chair from sitting position because my heel caught in the hem of my skirt.  And the same goes for that one time I stepped on my own pants walking down the stairs.  And who here hasn’t tripped over that imaginary bump in the carpet causing one to stumble and/or fall flat on their face? Life. It will break your shit.

Blinged out crutches courtesy of Mr. Farklepants (photo from his super badass camera)…