I’m Not Nearly as Smart as I Previously Thought:

This molecular and cellular biology class just might kill me. I know I said that about my intermediate algebra class (believe me, I said it, just not here) but there is a new champion in town that has been crowned “You Are Not Smart Enough For This Class, Who Do You Think You’re Kidding?”. The only prerequisite for this class was intermediate algebra also known as the class that tarnished my 4.0 GPA with that “B” I earned. Although, truth be told, now that my academic record is no longer perfect, the pressure is off. Kinda like when you get a scratch on your brand new car…you’re no longer tiptoeing around and rubbing it down with your hot breath and a cloth diaper, AMIRIGHT? But you know you’re in dire straights when you’re consulting your 10th grade son with your homework questions. Because he’s in his second semester of chemistry and knows whats up. I’m a little pissed off that an introduction to chemistry course was not a prerequisite or at the very least recommended so that I would be able to understand any little part of what I’m doing…and who’s looking forward to occupying a bed in the hospital when I’m a nurse someday? Luckily the lab quizzes were take-home because, ohmylord, did I need to consult ALL of my notes. Repeatedly.

Men will be Boys:

I witnessed two grown and otherwise normal looking men come this close to beating the snot out of each other in the Super Walmart parking lot…over a parking space. Let me see if I can describe an accurate picture. Toyota guy comes around the corner and wants the empty corner spot at the far end of the lot but is waiting for oncoming Mazda guy to pass and make his right hand turn to get a clear shot at it. Except that in the meantime, Mercedes guy pulled up behind Toyota guy and at his angle is blocking Mazda guy from executing his right hand turn. So they are all just sitting there. Stuck. Because Toyota guy MUST HAVE THAT EXACT SPOT out of the HUNDREDS of open spaces because the Super Walmart parking lot, she is vast and huge. So Mercedes guy honks at Toyota guy. Then again. Then again, like HOOOoooooOOONNKK?? Then Toyota guy JUMPS OUT OF HIS CAR and bounds to the driver door of Mercedes guy who has also bolted from his car in a “come at me bro” stance, both screaming in each others faces and their chests probably less than an inch apart. Meanwhile, Mazda guy doesn’t want any part of this bullshit and throws it in reverse to get the hell out of dodge. Smart move, Mazda. While I was secretly hoping that Mercedes guy would deliver a roundhouse kick to Toyota’s head, because Toyota was really the dick in this scenario, they must of come to some mutual understanding about how they’re assholes just protecting their respective prides because both returned to their cars without incidence and Toyota guy got his parking space of choice, and Mercedes guy peeled out down the driveway at Mach 2. Presumably to illustrate his furious anger.

I wonder if they crossed paths inside?