I had my first class of the spring session yesterday, and upon meeting my molecular and cellular biology professor who is exactly the way you’d picture a lecturing scientist to look complete with jeans and a sports coat with leather patches on the elbows, my first reaction was, “Oh! He looks like that actor…ummmm…the one…it’s right on the tip of my…shit.” Yes. That actor. The one almost no one can immediately and accurately recall because he looks so much like the other actors that are all often mistaken for one another. Here’s how I broke it down…and wasn’t even remotely close until I could get home and IMDB the hell out of everyone:

It’s the actor who looks like the guy who played the president in Independence Day, I can never remember his name, (it’s Bill Pullman…poor Bill Pullman) but it’s not him I just always think it’s him.

Kinda like the guy from Full House but it’s not him because, when in doubt, it’s never the guy from Full House, Dave Coulier.

Then I have to run the litany of Bridges:

Not Lloyd.

Eek! Too many eyebrows. It’s not Beau either.

Not Jeff either but oooh lahh lahhh. Beau got all the brow hair and Jeff got all the unbridled, gritty male magnetism. Oh. Yes. He. Did. Jeff won that.

Then that always leads me to William Hurt whom I immediately dismiss because I know he was in the Big Chill and it’s not him, he just gets included in this puzzle every. single. time.

I know it’s the guy who was in Dumb and Dumber and was also Flap in Terms of Endearment and it’s sad that those are the only movies that I’m absolutely sure he’s in because I know he’s done so much more.

Jeff Daniels! That’s it! We’ll play this game again the next time I see one of these men in a movie. Except for the guy from Full House. Because it’s never the guy from Full House.

**all images Google Images** and apparently I’m not the only one who can’t put the faces of these men with the names because the internet is bursting with comparisons.