I do so love to travel. I also think it more than a tad ridiculous that for security purposes we have to remove our shoes, jacket/sweater/hoodie/cardigan, scarf, and surrender our half empty bottle of water that we forgot we stuck in our purse, just to be granted access to the airport gate. I hate that instead of planning to wear an outfit that you think is fashionable so that you look like you have a modicum of taste and pride in how you present yourself to the public, you have to dress in attire that is easy to disassemble and reassemble in the shortest amount of time possible like a quick-change artist in some old-timey, vaudeville act. Then there is the humiliation of the full-body scanner that shows, whomever is manning the booth, all your naughty bits. In other words, if you choose to use commercial airlines as your mode of transportation, the federal government has to look at your nipples and vagina first.

Am I alone in thinking this seems a tad extreme?

In other traveling news: If you are a grown, middle-aged male, adequately groomed, and carry an iPhone…then you should be aware that common decency dictates that you utilize the first available in-flight restroom…like an adult person…to relieve your cabin pressure related chronic flatulence and not alleviate your bowels in the seat located directly in front of me…like an animal…you disgusting creature. Your stench was inescapable and tear inducing. I hate you.