Pictured below is the chair that Mr. Farklepants purchased as my Christmas gift. I was not expecting this because my real present was the airline ticket to go visit my brother later this month. I didn’t expect it when I first stumbled upon it in Cost Plus World Market (I know I just mentioned them in the previous post and I’m not trying to plug them it’s just that they’re literally walking distance from my house and I’m there A LOT…so is Urban Home…beware, me), drooled on it, took a picture with my phone and sent it to him with a little note that read, I want this. I also didn’t expect it when he asked for a Christmas wish list and I was all, but I already have my plane ticket and it’s what I really REALLY want, and he was like, you need stuff to unwrap. So, of course, I immediately sent him a link to the chair because they’re so easy to wrap.

Dear Me: You can be so exhausting.

It wasn’t under the tree Christmas morning. Not until all the gift unwrapping festivities were over and the kids were on box-wrap-trash-disaster clean up patrol while I baked the traditional Christmas morning cinnamon rolls…that is when Mr. Farklepants snuck (huh, totally not a word…look who’s learning!) sneaked it in and hid it on the corner facing side of the tree. It should also be mentioned that I walked right by it about three times before it caught my attention. I jumped up and down, excited like a little kid on…well, Christmas…I was.

Then what came next is what happens every time Mr. Farklepants does something nice for me. I have to accessorize. After almost 18 years together he should know this about me. For instance, when we bought the new couch for the family room, our only intended purchase, next came the lamps and the new coffee table. And also, artwork. So now I have this new dilly of a chair that goes with nothing in the room save for the little leather couch…did I mention the couch was my birthday gift from Mr. Farklepants? Did I also mention that we’ve been slowly but surely acquiring grown up furniture as opposed to the stuff you don’t mind getting destroyed when the kids are young?…so I have this chair and couch that goes with nothing in the room.

What comes next? A trip to IKEA and two bookshelf/cube/thingys that are PERFECT. And new artwork. And a shelf. A lamp. A trip to Marshalls because, great chachkies. And a phone.

That phone. Because it’s cute. And not cordless. And I’ve yet to use it.