Why the new blog, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that I felt I needed a change because I bore quite easily – I mean, I paint the walls of my home a new color every couple of years and would do it more often than that if I had the physical motivation, am constantly considering new furniture and decor to go with the new wall color, and so help me god! If we could afford it I would tear this dreadful carpet up with my bare hands and lay glorious new hardwood floors. Hell, I’d move into a new house every year or two if I didn’t have an aversion to, well, the actual act of moving…Aside from the boredom, a significant event took place in the latter part of 2011. I turned forty. And Vintage THIRTY didn’t seem to suit me anymore, embracing FORTY as I am.

So join me, will you? I’ve made a pact with myself to write more and promise to update daily frequently. What served as my inspiration to get back into the writing game, you wonder? I’m so glad you asked. See, I’ve gone back to school because this SAHM doesn’t need to be so “at home” as much anymore because the kids are getting older and spend a major portion of their day in school and not at home. That left me with a whole bunch of time on my hands without nearly enough to do to the point I was considering that perhaps it was time for me to go back to work. That is all fine and good but what type of work was I going to do? I’ve been a SAHM for the better part of fifteen years and those Bizhubs scare the crap outta me! I mean, there wasn’t even email for goddsake the last time I was a big ol’ working girl. I could go back to my previous industry, still having connections and all, someone would hire me. But here I had an opportunity to seize the day, as it were. I’ve gone back to college and for the past year I’ve been working on my prerequisites to gain eligibility into the registered nursing program. (I swear I’m getting to the writing inspiration part) One of those prerequisites was English 101 (I know, wth?) and while I was initially seething about what a complete waste of my time and money this class was going to be, I ended up enjoying it immensely AND at my professor’s encouragement entered one of my essays in a writing competition sponsored by the sociology department and won first freaking place! AND it offered a cash prize that will pay for my books, for the next couple of semesters at least.

So here we are. And here we’ll be. And I promise it will get better than this.